How To Keep Poinsettias Alive? Everything You Need To Know!

How To Keep Poinsettias Alive

How To Keep Poinsettias Alive

One of the most common plants in the winters, especially seen in the Christmas decorations is the Poinsettias. While the plant supermarkets get crowded with these brightly coloured velvety plants, they soon start to cause sweat by the end of December. Why? Because while adding seasonal plants to your home can be lively, dying plants can be equally heart breaking.

But wait! What if we tell you that it’s super easy to maintain these red beauties? Yes, so not only are they pocket-friendly when purchased their maintenance fee is minimal too. Let us find out how to keep poinsettias alive all year and keep them healthy for the next holiday season to come and many more.

Step 1- Leaves inspection

Inspect your poinsettias regularly to notice if the leaves are yellowing, dry, or falling off. If you see such things, it means they need more water or the temperature is not suitable.

Step 2- Maintain Ideal temperature

The poinsettias are cozy plants that require a temperature of 18 – 22 degree celsius for happy growth.

Step 3- Give Poinsettias Their Love- Mist

If you find any chance of increasing the humidity levels for your plant, jump into the occasion. Damp makes these plants happy.

Step 4- Track The Growing Period Of Poinsettias

So while the poinsettias grow fine till March. However, it is after March that you should start thinking about how do you take care of a poinsettia. It is during this time that they start needing attention for surviving. They require feed and fertilizers but of course be careful to not over do it. Feeding once a week and soiling is good for the plants.

Step 5- Give Them Attention In The Month Of May

May is particularly important because you are required to take some actions on the plant. You need to let the plants go a little dry in the spring season before watering them again. Also, you need to cut about four inches from the branches to help the plants in branching. It is also the time when poinsettias require fertilizers. Once the temperature starts to rise, re-pot poinsettias, increase the watering frequency, and feed them every week. You will soon start noticing new buds on the plant.

Step 6- Get Ready For Beautiful Blooms

If you manage to keep the poinsettias alive till November, you should be able to start seeing new flower buds in November. If you see them, start giving them complete privacy and darkness for 10 to 12 hours before allowing them sunlight. Continue this process till the flowers grow. This practice brings a color difference in the re-blooms and hence several people like to box the plants for darkness.

How To Keep Poinsettias Alive: Some Important Tips

So while you know the basics for keeping the poinsettias alive, here are a few additional tips that would help you understand if and when your plant needs help!

●     How To Keep Poinsettias Alive Indoors?

The poinsettias are great indoor plants and that’s the very reason why they are happily available and go trending during the winters for christmas decor. Besides looking amazing, they can live indoors during the season and that truly serves the purpose of being a festive plant. So if you are planning to keep the bright red babies indoors, you don’t have to worry because they can live.
However, a little reminder about how to take care of poinsettias would be to ensure that the plant even when indoors is not near harsh temperature. They are extremely sensitive beings who cannot take too much wind, heat, or cold. So, make sure that it’s nowhere near the kitchen, fireplace or the window when it’s too windy or cold.

●     How To Keep Poinsettias Alive Outside?

Yes, absolutely it can. No plant has ever taken birth indoors so to ask this question would be wrong. But one reason why they are seasonal plants is that they are sensitive to temperature. So if you are keeping them outside you have to ensure that they are kept at the optimum temperature. It means that you will need to change its location in different seasons.
So if you are wondering how to keep poinsettias alive outdoors, just ensure that they get a misty humid environment to survive.

●     How Often Do You Water Poinsettias?

There are no frequency rules to watering poinsettias. However, poinsettias grow in humid places which means you must try to keep the soil slightly wet at all times without drowning the plant dead. So, one of the best ideas would be to water the plant daily in small amounts with sprinklers to keep it clean and watered just in the enough amount.

●     Can Poinsettias Live Outside In The Winter?

They definitely can, but you just cannot keep them out and forget about them completely. Poinsettias require a lot of care. So to answer can poinsettias be outside in the cold, they need the right amount of light and heat.
These plants cannot take too harsh weather so avoid keeping them out on a chilly windy day. But it can be a good idea to keep the plant out on a sunny winter morning. You cannot forget the fact that plants need sunlight for photosynthesis and grow while constantly worrying how to keep poinsettias alive.

●     Can Poinsettias Live Outside In The Summer?

Poinsettias can live outside in the summer but it should be kept in a shady area. Besides, you must keep checking the soil. If the temperature is on the rise, you must judge how much water for poinsettias by looking at the soil and leaves of the plant. If you notice that the plant is showing signs of drying because of the temperature, move it indoors immediately.

●     How Long Do Poinsettias Live After Christmas?

Poinsettias generally live through the winter months but start wearing off with the onset of the summers. November to March is the season of Poinsettias. However, if taken care of properly they can survive and grow beautifully across the year. But of course, it would require some work from your end to keep them living.


Following these tips does not guarantee that your poinsettias will live through the year but it’s worth the shot. Doing the right things, at the right time, in the right quantity is essential for plants and especially for sensitive plants like poinsettias. So while there is always a chance to fail, keeping them alive may be an easy task for you if you are a plant whisperer.


1. How Do I Keep My Poinsettia Alive Year Round?

By ensuring water, right temperature, light, and completing seasonal activities like feeding, repotting, and cutting off branches. However, the most important thing that helps plants grow is a lot of love and care.

2. How Long Will A Poinsettia Typically Last Indoors?

Poinsettias need light, heat, and water in the right amount. If you can keep them near the windows in an optimum temperature, then they should be able to survive. However, being sensitive plants, you would need soil, water, cut, and feed poinsettias when needed.

3. How Do You Keep A Poinsettia From Killing?

Poinsettias are fairly easy to maintain. If you are in much doubt especially because of your work routines, keep the plants on the window of your bath. The bathroom would ensure the right humidity while the window would take care of the light. However, you must take care of watering.

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