You are a very successful person in the field of gardening or you have just started to grow interested in gardening. In both cases, you are required to know how to care for petunias? Petunias are the gardener’s favourite plant. These plants have very vibrant colours and they do bloom all year round.

So, without any debate, we can decide on the fact that petunias are a special kind of flower to showcase among the host of flowers in your garden. So as they are special, they do need extra care. So, come let us venture out to know more about petunia plants and the process of caring for them.

Do Potted Petunia’s Need Extra Care?

how to care for petunias
how to care for petunias

Have you ever taken it in your cognizance that How do you take care of potted petunias? We do know that you really have thought about this. Now, let us look into the answer to this question. To let you know that caring for potted petunias mean watering them every day and keeping them in a place that would be giving them the maximum amount of sunlight to bloom.

The Bloom Story

How do you keep petunias blooming? To ensure that your petunias would keep blooming, what you need to do is take proper care of them. Now, how to do that? Well, we definitely have an answer for you. All you need to do is to read the following paragraph to get an idea about the blooming procedure of the petunias.

  • You must deadhead the flowers in a regular interval.
  • You must also remove the seeds to prevent having a leggy petunia.
  • You can cut back the branches of the petunias by one quarter and half.

Cutting Of The Petunias

Do petunias need to be cut back? Yes, the petunia’s need to be cut back to get a fuller bloom of the plant. Now, here comes the question that how to cut it? Let us see the process of cutting petunias in the following points.

  • You must start the process of cutting or most popularly known as pruning as soon as you plant the petunias
  • All you need to do is clip a few stems of the petunias every week
  • You have to trim of stems that have lively set of petunias on them
  • You can trim the stems of your plants if they have become eight inches long
  • All you can do is, each week you can clip some stems of the petunia plants in half making each cut above the node of the plant

All About Watering Petunias

How often you should water petunias? During different seasons the petunias have different water requirements. And plants that are in pots and those are planted in the ground have differences in their requirement of water. So come, let us see how different varieties of petunias and petunias in different states have varieties in their requirements of water.

  • During hot summer months the petunias need to be watered twice in a given day
  • Plants that are in placed in a container dry out more quickly so they need more water as compared to the ones placed in ground
  • The petunia plants that are placed in the ground, more commonly known as bedded plants needs water once in seven days
  • The bedded plants require deep watering when they are watered
  • Lastly, the requirement of water depends on the local weather and climate, so you must keep in mind that while you are watering the petunias in a given weather.
purple petunias

We hope that this answers your question Should petunias be watered every day?

Coffee Grounds: Is It Perfect For Growing Petunias?

Are coffee grounds good for petunias? Yes, coffee grounds are good for growing the petunia plants in your garden and getting a perfect bloom out of them. You can dump your old coffee grounds on your petunia plants.

But out of all these things why would you be using old coffee grounds on your petunia plants? There must be some reason behind it, right? So what are they? Let us find out more about them in the following bullet points.

  • It is a very effective fertilizer
  • It is an inexpensive fertilizer

Indoor Caring: All About Taking Care Of Petunias Indoor

The variety of petunias that are most favourable to plant indoors and grow the plant are the Multiflora petunias. They are the ideal ones to grow in homes as they are miniature plants. They bear trumpet-shaped flowers that are available in a rainbow of colours.

If you are an indoor gardener, then you must have given quite a few thoughts on how to care for petunias indoors? If you have not in any case, we have been instrumental to think and sort that out for your own benefit.

  • You need to prepare the petunia plants.
  • You must try to meet the light requirements of the petunia plants.
  • You must place the petunia plants in such a way that it gets six hours of uninterrupted sunlight.
  • You can turn your petunia container occasionally so that all the parts of the petunia flower do get the sunlight in a regular basis
  • You must make sure of the fact the container that holds the petunias indoor has proper and swift drainage.
  • You can try out a trick by adding a peat moss to the soil of the container that holds the petunias so that the soil can hold the nutrients.
  • Try to feed the petunia plants throughout the summer and spring season to get the maximum amount of bloom.
  • You must prune your petunia flowers in a daily basis.
  • Avoid over fertilizing your petunias to get the best blooming result from your petunias.
  • You must check the surface soil before you water the petunias.
  • When you are keeping your petunia plants indoor, you must water them in a regular basis.
how to care for petunias indoors
petunias indoors

Outdoor Care Of Petunias

How to care for petunias outdoor? Whether you are a newbie in gardening, or an expert one, this question has always perplexed you, right? Therefore, today, we bring to you the most awaited answer to the question that while placed outdoors, how to take care of the petunias?

  • Try to keep the petunia plant in such a place that gets the full exposure of sunlight
  • If you keep the flowers in a condition that is shady, they are capable of tolerating it, but they would result in a fewer bloom
  • You must pinch off the top of each stem after you plants the petunia plants in a container in the outdoor arena
  • If by any chance the plant grows leggy or stops flowering you must remove the top of each stem to avoid the aforesaid condition
  • While performing the process that is mentioned in the earlier bullet point, ensure the fact that some of the leaves are left on each stem
  • You must pour water in the container in a way that the water reaches its bottom.
  • You need to water the soil of the petunia plant and not the leaves of it as the wet leaves causes infections and plant disease like petal blight.
  • Taking in to consideration the weather of the place, water the petunia plants once of twice the week.
  • In case of extreme temperature, do water the plants every day. But in this process you must take sure that the soil had dried up.
  • You must feed the petunia flowers with fertilizers once a month.
  • You must pinch off tried out flowers from the stem of the petunia plants.

Preservation In Pots For Petunias

How to care for petunias in pots? We have got some great ideas for you. All you need to do is to read the paragraph below in rapt attention.

  • Try to give a good soak to your petunia plants in the sun
  • Do not over water your petunias that are especially present in pots
  • Provide the right soil for your petunia plant
  • Give your petunia plant a proper fertilizer
  • Do not forget to pinch them
  • Do not forget to pluck the dead flowers from the petunia plants
  • Do keep an alert eye on the pests that you are using for the petunia plants.

How To Care For Petunias In Hanging Baskets?

We are here to provide you with some tips about how to care for petunias in hanging baskets. Let us see what are they.

How To Care For Petunias In Hanging Baskets
Petunias In Hanging Baskets
  • You must have a proper drainage hole in the container on which you are going to hang the petunias
  • You must keep the petunias in hanging container in such a place that it gets itself exposed to the maximum amount of sunlight
  • You must use a sturdy container to keep the petunias

Petunias And Its Types

What are the different types of petunias that are available in the market? We have made a list of a few of them that you can use for your easy reference. Here is the list: –

  • Grandiflora petunia
  • Multiflora petunia
  • Milliflora petunia
  • Spreading petunia
  • Mexican petunia

How To Care For Wave Petunias?

For taking care of wave petunias, you must follow the given steps: –

  • Plant these petunias in such a place where it gets abundant sunlight
  • Try to keep the soil moist
  • Avoid keeping the soil soggy
  • Use an all-purpose fertilizer while you are planting them

Mexican Petunias & Taking Care Of Them

For taking care of Mexican petunias, you must follow: –

  • Avoid planting the petunias in full sunlight
  • After planting the petunia, give it some extra water

Winter Care Of Petunias

How to care for petunias in winter? Place the plant in a cool but above freezing location. You must try to provide enough water to the plant to moisten the soil if the plants have tried otherwise keep the plants undisturbed throughout the winter.


  1. Does weather effects petunias?

Petunias are a group of plants that are remarkably noted for their tolerance of weather. However, it can perish in very hot and humid climates.

How do you keep petunias blooming
How do you keep petunias blooming
  1. Can you use Miracle Grow on petunias?

Yes, a water-soluble fertilizer like the Miracle Glow is perfect for the petunias.

  1. Are eggshells good for petunias?

Yes, eggshells are good for the blooms of petunias as they contain calcium.

  1. What’s the best fertilizer for petunias?

The balance fertilizers are well suited for your petunias.

  1. Can you use Epsom salt on petunias?

Yes, you can use Epsom salt as it improves the blooming capacity of the petunias.

  1. Is bone meal good for petunias?

Bone meal is good for petunias as it carried a huge amount of phosphorus.

  1. What month is best to plant petunias?

The best month to plant petunias is around September to March.


Now, we hope, you have got some basic idea about how to grow petunias. Growing petunias is not an easy task. It requires a lot of patience. And we are sure that you have that in plenty. So, Voila! What are you waiting for? Start planting petunias in the right way and you would be getting a bright bloom.

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