Dethatching a lawn has so many benefits. There is also controversy related to dethatching. If you are looking to buy a detaching blade for your lawn, there are few things you should know first. To get In-depth information about Dethatching blade for lawn mowers, you should follow the article.

What Is A Dethatcher

The dethatcher is a vertical mower. These are specially used for mowing thatch. The dethatchers are also known as verticutter. The mower used here has different vertically oriented blades.

The dethatcher blade is used for cutting through the thatch layer, loosening the thatch, and bringing the thatch to any lawn surface. However, the operator can select the depth of the blade and can adjust the size between the blade as per specific needs. You can get dethatcher on rent from the various equipment store.

When Should I Dethatch My Lawn

Before you rent or buy a blade for dethatching, you should know if you need to dethatch or not. Let’s see what the experts say.

The simplest way to know if you need to dethatch or not is to take a towel or to dig up the soil and lawn grass. Now you should see the measurement of your thatch. If it is 1-2 inches or more, then this is the time to thatch that layer.

1 to 1.2 inches is the right measurement of the thatch when the grass stays healthy. Once that measurement starts to increase, you can see some unhealthy signs there. Those unhealthy signs include poor and pale grass color with thin growth.

Dethatching blade

You should detach Kentucky bluegrass. This type of grass is seen in the cool winter seasons such as late summer or early fall of winter. The Bermuda Grass or Zoysia grass should be detached. These grasses are also known as warm-season grass. You should not dethatch your lawn when this is stressed or in a dormant condition. Hope, now you have understood how lawn dethatching work.

What Are Different Types Of A Dethatcher

Once you have decided to dethatch your lawn, you should go for the right dethatcher for your work.

Let’s know what are three distinct categories of dethatchers:

  • Manual Dethatcher: The manual dethatcher is the most affordable type of dethatcher. These are ideal for the ordinary garden in a simple rake. These dethatchers are specifically used for the areas where the power dethatcher can not work. You need to give a lot of effort and time to dethatch thick or extensive grass.
  • Power rake dethatcher: The power rake dethatcher is operated with the power source of either an electric or gas motor. The design of this dethatcher is quite simple and the lawnmowers can adjust blades according to the task. Some of the best quality dethatchers come with adjustable height and width specifications. The collection box for thatch can make your job easy. These are ideal for huge thatch areas.
  • Tow – behind dethatcher: The tow behind dethatcher is used by attacking any tractor or riding a lawnmower. They can cover a wide area within a short duration of time. Before you start dethatching with tow behind dethatcher, make sure it is hitched and the bosses are adjusted perfectly.

These are the types of dethatcher you should know.

How To Choose A Dethatcher Blade

However, the purchase of a dethatcher blade is not complicated. Still, there are a few things that you need to consider when buying it. Let’s know about them:

  • Size: You should choose the right size of the blade for the main two reasons. You should choose to see as per the size of your mower deck. If the blade size is wider than the deck, you will have installation problems. The second is the area you want to dethatch. The small blade for working in a large area could take time.
  • Tines: There are two different tines you can use with your dethatcher. The spring tines are durable enough and can dig into the deep of the thatch layer. However, it may need replacement when coming in contact with rocks and hard ground. The plastic Times are gentle for your lawn. In case you want a longer twine length, people also use a trimmer.
  • Universal or not: The universal blades can fit with a wide range of mowers. These are equipped with necessary adapters and washers which make the installation process easy.

To get the best dethatching blade for your use, you can go for a thorough buying guide on the internet or other user reviews.

How To Dethatch with A Lawn Mower

You can follow the below steps to deathatch your lawn. Here, the steps are given below:

Dethatching blade Dethatching blade for lawn
  • You should first attach a dethatching blade rather than a standard mower blade.
  • The mower height should be at its tallest setting. Test the mow of your lawn. Now gradually increase or decrease the height of your blade. Make good contact with your yard. If the blade removes the dead and brown thatch by leaving the glass unharmed, this is at the right height.
  • You should not continue thatching for a long time. Periodically stop it and see the dethatching blade. Observe the spring tines. If it is bent or broken, or may not work effectively.
  • When detaching, make sure to wear eye protection. As the ejected stuff like debris, dust, and rock can harm your eyes.
  • Collect the thatch on a dethatching rake or in a regular garden rake. Dispose of them in a compost pile.

Now you know what does a dethatcher blade does. After dethatching, you can see the green grass only without the brown and yellow thatch layer. In case, the blade is causing harm to your lawn, stop it and adjust the height. You should now use a dethatching blade slowly and carefully.

Power Rake Vs. Dethatching Blade Toro Detaching Blade

A power rake is relatively light ere intended to remove debris from the lawn before during landscaping. It works by breaking the fused soil due to weather changes. The dethatcher, power rake are used to mow a thatch.

Dethatchers are the ideal choice for mowing thin layers of thatches. The power rake works effectively in a thick layer of thatch. Power raking will be an aggressive process to remove thatch from the lawn. The dethatcher uses spring tines to dislodge the thatch layer. But the power takes use of rotating flails that remove the debris and old grass from the lawn.

The power rack is also an ideal choice for dethatching your lawn. But as these are heavy duty. So the power rakes are reserved for industrial uses. However, if the thatch layer is thick in your lawn or you have not removed it for many years, you may consider a power rake. The power rake works 4x faster and efficiently than the dethatching blade.

If you want to maintain the thatch layer in your lawn and do it regularly, you can choose a dethatcher rather than a power page. These both are useful and have the same risk. But you should choose them as per your need.

How Many Times Should You Dethatch

There are different varieties of grasses that need dethatching as per their living. Whether some particular type of grasses needs dethatching as per their growth. The others need dethatching annually.

Some of the variety of grasses like tall fescue or rye needs dethatching every five years. It does not matter, you should check your lawn if it requires dethatching or not.

Final Word

Now you know everything about the dethatching and dethatching blades. Before you go for dethatching, you should know the process well. Hope this article will help you a lot.


Q: Is dethatching bad for your lawn?

A thin layer of thatch works as a protective layer for your ground soil. When it gets thick, it makes the water hard to enter into the deep of the soil. It blocks air, nutrition, even pesticides from entering the deep. So, you need to check if dethatching is necessary for your lawn or not.

Q: Should you water after dethatching?

Dethatching blade

Thatch removal can make the grass plant traumatic. You should drench the lawn with deep water rather than frequent shallow sprinkling of water. Deep drenching of water attracts the root growth faster than another process.

Q: Should you seed your land after dethatching?

Yes, you can seed your lawn after dethatching. As it is quite traumatic for the grass plants so you can see growth signs after a few weeks.

Q: What Does A Dethatcher Blade do?

The dethatcher uses different blades to cut through the thatch layer, loosening the thatch layer and bringing them down on the lawn surface. You can find different blade shapes for particular thatch heights.

Q: Should You Dethatch Your Lawn Every Year?

It depends on the grass type. Some grass needs thatching each year, while the others don’t. So, you should Keep close observation on the thatch layer and grass if it needs that hung or not.

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