Are you planning to grow a Gladiolus Plant after seeing pictures of gladiolus flowers? To do that you need to have all the knowledge about How To Plant Gladiolus Bulbs. Gladiolus plants need to be taken care of in a specific way that will make sure that the plant can bloom the best gladiolus flowers.

If you’re thinking about are gladiolus perennials? Sure it is, they are classic perennials and are known for their tall flower spikes and pretty colorful blooms. These flowering plants are commonly known as glads and they have several varieties. You can even grow these plants on pots to place them in the back of your garden or outside the entrance.

Here you’ll be able to find all the helpful tips and information on how to care for gladioli.

Preparation For Planting Gladiolus Plant

If you’re wondering about planting gladiolus bulbs, you must consider the preparation before you actually plant it to grow. You need to choose and select a site and prepare it to make it fertile enough for the gladiolus plant to survive and grow there.

How To Plant Gladiolus Bulbs
How To Plant Gladiolus Bulbs

Here are some of the useful and important preparation tips that you show know about the preparation of planting gladiolus bulbs.

  • If you’re wondering about do gladiolus needs full sun, you should know that to get the best flowers you should plant them in full sun. Therefore you have to choose the site keeping in mind that it gets direct sun rays for healthy bloom.
  • Well-drained soil is the kind of soil required to grow a healthy gladiolus. The well-drained soil.should be moderately fertile but keep in mind that it shouldn’t be too heavy and soggy as it’s not ideal for growing gladiolus plants.
  • You need to prep your garden using a golden tiller by loosening the soil for about 12 to 15 inches deep. Then you need to mix aged manure or composure for two to three inches in the soil.

Planting Gladiolus Plant –The Timing

To plant and grow a healthy gladiolus plant you need to know about the trimming best suited for planting. If you’re not sure about when to plant the gladiolus plant.

Here you’ll be able to find out all the necessary information about the correct timing for planting the gladiolus.

  • You need to start planting your gladiolus bulbs or corms at the beginning of the spring. But make sure that the danger frost had passed by then. You have to note that the soil of the planting site has warmed up to 55 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • You’ve to plant another round of bulbs after every 10 days from your last frost date till the arrival of summer. This is good for continuous blooms through the early fall.
  • Although the growing period depends on the variety of the plant, it usually takes something between 60- 90 days to grow and bloom from the time the glass is planted to its roots.

Steps Of Planting Gladiolus Plants

Are you thinking of planting gladiolus bulbs but you are not sure about how deep to plant gladiolus plant? Here you’ll be able to know about all the necessary guiding instructions about planting gladiolus bulbs.

are gladiolus perennials
are gladiolus perennials
  • To ensure the large-sized blooms, you need to plant bulbs that are bigger than ΒΌ inch in diameter.
  • Now to answer your question of how deep to plant gladiolus plant, you need to put the corms more than four inches deep in the soil and make sure that the pointed edge is facing up.
  • Cover the press the soil firmly to make it set to grow.
  • Make sure that there is more than a six to eight inches gap between the bulbs.
  • If you’re growing them for flowers you need to place them in rows as it’s easier to harvest.
  • You’ve to water them thoroughly while you’re planting the bulbs.
  • While planting the tall variety ones, don’t forget to stake them properly without harming or damaging the corms.

Caring For A Growing Gladiolus Plant

If you are not sure about how to care for gladioli in the growing period, we can help you out with that. The growing gladioli plant needs to be taken care of properly so that it can give you the best flowers just like you’ve seen in the pictures of gladiolus flowers.

  • You’ve to put a layer of mulch around the plant so to keep the soil moist which will help to prevent weeds.
  • Unless you get more than 1inch of rain in a week, you need to make sure that you water the plant properly and every day in the summertime. It will help in keeping the soil moist all the time.
  • You also need to remove the faded and dead flowers so that they can ensure continuous blossoms.
  • You need to cut the stalk off at about two to three inches above the soil once all the flowers on the stalk are gone.
  • You’ve to make that you’re leaving the plant intact to help it mature and grow the bulbs of the next season.
  • If you’re wondering do gladioli come back every year, yes they do. They come in a riot of different colors and rebloom every year.

Gladiolus Flower Harvest And Corms Storage

Gladiolus Plant blooms beautiful flowers. If you aren’t sure about when do gladiolus bloom or how long does it take for Gladiolus to bloom, here you’ll be able to know about everything.

The gladiolus usually requires around 70 to 90 days to bloom flowers after planting them.

If you’re going your gladiolus in your garden, you need to be aware of the harvesting method. The flower spikes of the plant should be cut on a slant when the lowest flowers on the stalk start to show colors. But make sure you leave at least four leaves to grow it for the next season.

when to plant gladioli bulbs
when to plant gladioli bulbs

Before the frost arrives, you’ve to dig up the corms for storing it. You’ve to cut the stalk off within half an inch after cleaning the corms and then place them to get cured for one to two weeks in a warm and airy location.

Once it’s all dried, remove the small and thr old cormels. You need to store those in a plastic mesh bag and make sure you keep them in a well-ventilated room with a temperature of 35 to 50 degrees.

Tips For Preventing The Damage Of Gladioli

Often some conditions damage the gladiolus plant which heads to the plant not blooming any flower. Here are some conditions that you need to know and take care of to prevent damage to the gladioli plant.

  • You need to know the site that you’ve selected to plant the bulb is suitable enough to grow the plant.
  • You should encourage the blooming using fertilizers. But you need to avoid lawn fertilizers that have a high percentage of nitrogen.
  • You need to take care that the plant isn’t infested with pests as that would stop them from blooming flowers. You can use need oil or other insecticides to prevent that.
  • Sometimes the gladiolus corns get affected by diseases like rots or other viruses. It can damage the growth and hamper the blooming. To prevent that store it in a dry place and plant the ones that don’t have any blemishes on them.

Planting And Growing Gladiolus In A Pot – When And How

If you’re thinking of planting Gladiolus bulbs in pots, you need to do it right to make sure that it grows well. You’ve to know about the correct timing and method of growing the gladiolus plant in pots.

You can plant the bulbs in pots when sooner than you plant them in the ground, as the soil of the pot gets warmer quickly than that of the ground. You can plant it four weeks before the end of the frost nights, but you need to protect it on the inevitable and unexpected frosting nights.

Now moving on to the tips about how to care for the gladioli plant in a pot-

planting gladiolus bulbs in pots
planting gladiolus bulbs in pots
  • You’ve to choose a pot that’s tall enough so that the roots can spread deeply without its growth getting stunned. You’ve to make sure it’s more than 12 inches deep and make sure that there are more than two to three inches of soil below the cormels.
  • Be sure to choose a pot with ample drainage holes. Wet soil can rotten the corms, therefore it should have drainage holes.
  • You’ve to use fast-draining soil as gladiolus plants grow well in a high-quality loamy soil.
  • Keep the pot in full sun as it’s necessary for the proper growth of the plant.
  • You’ve to plant the corms keeping and root side down.
  • You’ve to water the plant heavily once a week.

Benefits Of Planting Gladiolus Plant

The Gladiolus Plant are the flowering plants that are best for having a green garden veranda or a balcony.

  • The sight of the gladioli flowers is very refreshing.
  • Those are ideal for making bouquets at home.
  • Beautification of your house.


1.Can I Leave Gladiolus Bulbs In The Ground?

You can leave the gladiolus bulbs on the grounds in the winter but avoid doing it if your region gets a hard freeze in winter.

2.What Is The Best Time To Plant Gladiolus Bulbs?

Spring is the best time when you can plant the bulbs of Gladiolus.

3.Do Gladiolus Spread By Themselves?

The gladiolus plants are perennials so they spread and expand provided they’re planted in the right conditions or have the right climate to grow.


Gladiolus Plants are beautiful perennial flowering plants. You can plant the gladiolus bulbs at the beginning of spring. You can even plant and grow it in tall and deep pots. You’ve to make sure that you take proper care of it during the growing season to get the best gladiolus blossoms.

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