A Guide On How To Take Care Of Monkey Grass

Everything about Monkey Grass

Everything about Monkey Grass

In this guide, today you will learn how to take care of monkey grass. Blooming monkey grass in your garden will be easy for you if you maintain them properly. But, first, if you don’t know about this plant, you will first need to know: what does monkey grass look like?

Monkey grass looks the same as turfgrass. Actually, the original name of these grass is Liriope. On the other hand, people also call dwarf Mondo grass monkey grass.

When you grow monkey grass in your garden or on your lawn, you have to take care of them properly. So, how to take care of monkey grass?

You need to keep going through the article if you want to know everything about monkey grass.So, let’s start.

Ways To Take Care Of Monkey Grass

You might find the name of these plants strange and wonder: why is it called monkey grass?

Monkey grass is a common name for Liriope and dwarf Mondo grass. These plants are used for beautiful landscaping ideas for gardens or lawns. But, you need to remember that dwarf Mondo grass and monkey grass is not the same. However, both plants belong to the Lily family.

Taking Care of Monkey Grass

Well, you do not have to be bothered about monkey grass much as these plants can survive drought. They are pest resistant as well. You have to mow them once a year.

The best part is that monkey grass can grow in any soil.

Can Monkey Grass Take Full Sun?

 While you are about to plant monkey grass, you might wonder: will monkey grass grow in full sun? Or, you might be thinking: does monkey grass grow in shade?

To clear all your doubts, here I will tell you about monkey grass light requirements.

You have to keep in mind that you should plant monkey grass in full sun to part shade. The best you can do is to plant them under a big tree.

Also, you need to remember that growing monkey grass needs the soil’s pH from 5.5 to 6.5. The best time for flowering monkey grass is July to August.

Other Maintenances

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How to Grow Monkey Grass from Seed

How Fast Does Monkey Grass Grow?

Monkey grass is a type of plant that does not grow very fast. It is a very slow-growing plant. So, yes, you have to wait for a long time to watch them as full-grown plants.

So, how tall does monkey grass get?

As for the height, monkey grass grows to 10 to 20 inches long. But, if the plant is of clumping type, it can grow up to 12 to 18 inches long in height.

Landscaping Ideas with Monkey Grass

With low maintenance, you can go for wonderful landscaping with monkey grass. Dwarf monkey grass ground cover is used to decorate the lawns and the gardens.

The plants grow with a handy look and flowers bloom in them. So, when they are blooming, they look absolutely stunning. That is why they are so popular for ground covering. Many people grow monkey grass with purple flowers to decorate their gardens.

You can opt for wonderful monkey grass border ideas as well. With pink, purple, or white flowers, monkey grass will provide you with a wonderful contrast to the green that no one could think of.

So, if necessary, you can plant monkey grass at the borders where the maximum coverage is needed. You can plant them, in front of your house, at the border of your garden and lawn. Growing monkey grass in your garden will give it a handy look.


1. When To Plant Monkey Grass?

It would be best for you if you plant monkey grass at the beginning of the spring season. Monkey grass is a type of grass that begins to grow in the spring season. But, depending on the weather, you can plant monkey grass in the mid of the summer as well.

2. What Are The Types Of Monkey Grass?

Actually, there are two types of monkey grass you will find out mostly. They are:

3. What Are The Benefits Of Monkey Grass?

There are multiple benefits of monkey grass. They are:

To Sum It Up

So, I hope that I have covered everything that you need to know about monkey grass. I have penned down here the ways you can take care of the plant, use the plant, and the requirements you will need to grow the plant.  All the best.

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