A Complete Guide On When To Pick An Avocado

When To Pick An Avocado

When To Pick An Avocado

Just like any fruit, harvesting avocados need special care and attention. From Mexico to Central America, a large number of people harvest avocados for their commercial and home purposes. Now, there are different kinds of avocados and each kind has its own traits. However, all kinds of avocados become ripen almost at the same time.

So, when to pick an avocado? If you are thinking of planting avocado trees, you need to know about all types of Avocados and their maturity time. The maturity of an avocado depends on the weather, temperature, and variety.

So, if you are confused about when to harvest avocados, this guide will help you out. Here, we have explained everything about harvesting avocados.

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Best Time To Pick Avocados

Seeing a full-grown avocado tree is so much satisfying, especially when you took care of it for a long time. Now, when it comes to picking up an avocado, many people become confused and pick up a

The immature fruits from the tree.

How Many Varieties Of Avocados You Can Find Out?

See, there are more than 500 varieties of avocados. They are divided as they grow in different regions. According to the regions, you will find out 3 types of Avocados, Mexican, West Indian, and Guatemalan.

So, when are avocados ready to pick? You should pick avocados when they become mature, but not ready to eat yet. But, how can you determine the maturity of an avocado?

You have to observe some of the signs that indicate the maturity of the fruit.

When an avocado begins its maturity, the fruit itself changes its color. The color becomes dull and the color of the seed coat turns darker than ever.

You can take a simple test to determine the time of picking the avocados. Pick one fruit and let it soft at room temperature. When you see that the avocado hasn’t become bitter, leathery, or tough, and it has become soft enough, that is the time to pick them up from the trees. They start ripening after you pick them from the trees.

When Are Hass Avocados Ready To Pick?

The best time to pick Hass avocados is between the months of April to October. The color of the Hass avocados becomes black through these months and you can pick them up.

When Are Bacon Avocados Ready To Pick?

The months between November to March are the best time to pick the bacon avocados. They become fully mature at that time.

How To Pick Avocados From Tall Trees

You should use a long picking pole that includes a sharp V-shaped metal rim. It will help you to cut the stems and pick the avocados up. Also, use a strong bag made of cloth to protect the fruits when they are falling from the tree.

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Harvesting Time Of Avocados

The harvesting time of avocados depends on the variety of avocados. Some of them are harvested in February, some become ready to harvest in July, and some need the month of December. According to many experts, September is the best month to harvest avocados.

But, how many months to harvest avocado? If you started harvesting avocados by planting a seed, you need to take care of the tree at least for 5 to 13 years. After that, the tree becomes mature and starts growing fruit.

People who have a business of avocado may want to know the commercial avocado harvest time. This is totally based on the weight of the avocado. Also, the time may vary for each cultivar.

It is best to harvest the avocados for commercial purposes when the temperature is 60 to 75 degrees. When you harvest avocados in India, you will need 55 degrees temperature.

Methods To Test For Readiness

Avocados are something that can’t be understood whether it is ripened or not. So, how to tell if an avocado is ripe? Is there something that you can try?

You can use two simple tricks to identify if the avocado is ripe or not. Press the fruit in a gentle way. if it yields, the fruit is ripe and ready for eating.

Also, you can observe the cap of the fruit where it meets the stem. You need to peel the cap and notice the color of the fruit. If you see that the color is green or yellow, the fruit is ripe and you can eat it.

Maturity Season Of Common Avocado Varieties


1.Can avocados be picked too early?

If you pick avocados too early, the fruit will not ripe properly. Instead, it will become discolored, shriveled, and rubbery. Besides, when you pick an immature avocado, the fruit contains a low oil and it becomes poor in flavor.

2.What month are avocados ready to pick?

Generally, September is the best month when avocados are ready to pick. So, if you have harvested avocados, you have to wait for September month to pick the fruit.

3.How do you ripen an avocado quickly?

If you have picked avocados that are green yet, and you need to ripen them quickly, you can try this hack.

4.How can I tell what kind of avocado tree I have?

You can identify a tree of avocado by looking at its blooming habits. You can find out 3 types of avocado trees. They are West Indians, Guatemalans, and Mexican.

To Sum It Up

If you are planning to harvest avocados, it is important for you to be aware of every trait of this fruit. Besides, you need to have the perfect weather to harvest avocados. Also, you need to keep in mind that harvesting avocados fully depends on their variety.

This article will be helpful enough for those who are new to starting avocado harvesting.

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