Guidance 101 Regarding When To Harvest Bell Peppers

When To Harvest Bell Peppers

When To Harvest Bell Peppers

People should have a clear idea about bell peppers before focussing on When To Harvest Bell Peppers. Bell peppers are commonly known as capsicum or sweet pepper. It belongs to the “Solanaceae” family and possesses thick, mild fruits.

If people want to know when to harvest bell peppers, they can harvest bell peppers when the fruits remain still green and are full-sized, mainly after 2 to 3 months after planting. People must allow the bell peppers to remain on the plant so that they can ripe, change their colours.

Fully ripened bell peppers have a soft texture and sweet flavour. People can harvest bell peppers after they become 4 to 5 inches in length.

When To Harvest Bell Peppers

Stages Of Growth Of Bell Pepper Plant

When people wonder about bell pepper plant stages of growth, they must consider the following growth stages.

Procedure To Grow Bell Peppers

People who wonder about how do bell peppers grow, must follow the steps regarding how to grow bell peppers from seeds.

  1. People should choose seeds of some quick ripening varieties that can enable to produce fruits within two to three months.
  2. They should plant bell peppers first in indoors nearly about two months before the frost free date.
  3. People need to plant the seeds in a light soil layer.
  4. They should cover the bell pepper seeds lightly with soil and then water the soil.
  5. The seedlings appear within one or two weeks.
  6. People must ensure that the seeds are warm enough as it requires warm temperature for proper germination and growth.
  7. People should constantly check the soil temperature, and if the temperature is below 12.7⁰C, the plant will not grow.
  8. They must prevent the seedling to grow very tall and spindly as it can affect healthy growth in future.
  9. People should provide support to the tiny seedlings with sticks or strings.
  10. People should harden the indoor seedlings before transplanting them outdoor.
  11. They have to replant the seedlings as soon as the first true leaves appear.
  12. They must provide the seedlings well-drained fertile soil and warm temperature for their growth.
  13. People should never plant bell peppers near apricot related or cabbage related plants as there can be a chance to develop fungal diseases.
  14. Bell peppers can grow best around carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, corns and eggplants.
how do bell peppers grow

Favourable Conditions For The Growth Of Bell Pepper

Bell peppers need suitable soil, temperature, water for their proper health and growth.

Nature Of Bell Pepper

People should focus on the nature and characteristics of bell pepper.

  1. People should know the exact time when to plant bell peppers. They must plant the bell pepper seeds at least 8-10 weeks before the arrival of spring frost. April is the appropriate month to plant bell peppers.
  1. People also want to know how long does it takes for bell peppers to grow. It requires at least 60 to 90 days from sowing to harvesting. Therefore, people should plant the seeds as early as possible keeping in mind the pre-requisites. Some species like hot peppers can take about 150days to grow.
  1. It is important to understand how tall do bell peppers plants grow. The smallest bell pepper plant is about 6inches tall and 1foot wide. Normally, the height is about 3 to 6feet wide and 18 to 24inches tall.
  1. Another essential point to know how many bell peppers per plant. The amount of fruits from each plant depends on the health of the plant and resistance capacity. Per plant can bear 5 to 10 large bell peppers.

Ways To Grow Bell Pepper In Containers

People should consider the following aspects regarding growing bell peppers in containers.

Different Types Of Bell Pepper

There are various types of bell peppers on the basis of their structure, colour and size.

  1. Cherry Peppers-It is sweet and bit spicy in taste and looks like little nuggets.
  1. Cubanella Peppers-These are long, thin peppers of pale yellow-green colours. It is used for creating aromatic in food dishes.
  1. Green Bell Peppers-It is very common for all with grassy flavour and super-crunchy texture.
  1. Italian Frying Peppers-It is long, sliced and chopped peppers and it is gently fried in olive oil.
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  1. Orange Bell Peppers-It is sweet but slightly lacks in taste and therefore used in salads.
  1. Purple Bell Peppers-They are less sweet than red, orange and yellow peppers but sweeter than green peppers.
  1. Red Bell Peppers-These are very popular, sweet and bright coloured. It is used in corn avocado pepper salad and pickled bell pepper salad.
  1. Roasting Pimentos-It contains high level of sugar and after roasting it becomes sweet, silky and smooth.
  1. Yellow Bell Peppers-It possesses mild taste and enhances the beauty of the food.

Proper Time To Harvest Green Bell Peppers

People can pick green bell peppers at any stage. It is better to wait till the plant grows up to 3 to 4inches long. This is the best time that focus on when to harvest green bell peppers, but prior harvesting can provide a small amount of fruit and people will get any benefit.

Various Capsicum Diseases

People should be aware of capsicum pests and diseases and accordingly can take prevention.

AnthracnoseSmall circular, irregular, brownish-black scattered spots are found on leaves. Shedding of flowers.People should apply liquid copper sprays and sulphur powders.
Powdery MildewThe white powdery coating appears on the lower leaf surface.People must avoid too much fertilizer.
Damping OffSeedlings disintegrate before growing.People should provide light soil with a well drainage facility.
Alternaria Leaf SpotThe fungus attacks the foliage.People should prevent waterlogging.
Cercospora Leaf SpotCircular spots with grey centres.Provision for enough space for the plants and people should remove affected plants.

Tips To Prepare Bell Peppers

There are some recipes that highlight how to prepare bell peppers. Bell peppers are nutritional department and people can eat either raw or in roasted form.


1.How Big Should a Bell Pepper Be When You Pick It?

People can harvest green bell peppers at any time. If people harvest when the plant is small, it will transfer the plant’s energy to produce more flowers and hence more peppers. It should be about 2inches long.

2.Can You Pick Bell Pepper Early?

Yes, people can pick bell peppers early as picking before the bell peppers attain maturity helps to produce more flowers and peppers. Immature peppers are not so tasty but if people allow them to ripe, they become safe and tasty to eat.

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