— Wine List —


Wines. The raison d’être of the Chafariz do Vinho.

Wines are the reason we’re here. As a wine bar, the Chafariz aims to open to wine-lovers the world of ambrosial tastes.





Wines from all over the world

P9040099_variosFor this reason, from the outset, Chafariz has served Portuguese and international wines. Alongside national wines, you will find French wines from various regions, German, Australian, Chilean, Argentinian, Spanish and Italian wines. The quantities of these that we hold in stock are relatively small, but they are frequently selected to be available for ordering by the glass.




Wine by the glass

IMG_0757_o_chafaWine by the glass is one of our strong cards. We have recently installed a a temperature-control device that allows wine – whether still or bubbly – to be kept unaltered and in top condition, which now allows us to serve high-quality wine by the glass.






P9040047_portosFrom the start, we’ve ensured to have a good supply of ports. We now have a wider range, and there are always high quality ports available by the glass. Of special mention is the “100 year” option, where you can taste four wines, all aged in the barrel: 10, 20, 30 and 40 year old ports.





Portuguese wines, new wines and old wines

We aim to stock the new Portuguese wines as they come onto the market and we are especially keen to avail the public of lesser-known wines: new brands, less famous or fashionable regions.
But we also have numerous old wines worthy of mention. Although today, there is a greater propensity for drinking newer wines, old wines continue to have their appreciators, who will find at the Chafariz some of the rarer and much-praised and award-winning wines of the past forty years.




Some of these wines are available in very limited quantities.

Duas Quintas Special Reserve 2007 Douro
Abandonado 2009 Douro
Robustus 2008 Douro
Robustus 2009 Douro
Chryseia 2012 Douro
Batuta 2011 Douro
Charme 2011 Douro
Charme 2013 Douro
Qta do Vale Meão 2013 Douro
Casa Ferreirinha Special Reserve 2007 Douro
Barca Velha 2004 Douro
Luis Pato Qta do Ribeirinho Baga Pé Franco 2008 Bairrada/Beiras
Pêra Manca 1998 Aragonez e Trincadeira Alentejo



The wines in this section were tested and approved during the last year. There are great possibilities of being healthy. Always expect wines somewhat fragile, slender that can improve in the glass along the proof.

The 90s
Poço de Lobo 1996 Cabernet Sauvignon Bairrada
Dão Pipas Reserva Magnum 1,5l 1996 Dão
Pegos Claros 1996 Palmela
Dão Cunha Martins Garrafeira 1994 Dão
Meia Encosta Garrafeira 1992 Dão
Valdarcos Reserve 1994 Bairrada
Frei João Reserva 1,5l Magnum 1990 Bairrada
Qta do Serrado Carvalho Ribeiro e Ferreira 1990 Dão
The 80s
Porta dos Calvaleiros 1989 Dão
Qta Foz de Arouce 1989 Bairrada
São Domingos Garrafeira 1989 Dão
Adega Borba Reserva Rótulo Cortiça 1989 Alentejo
Encosta de Mouros Res. 1985 Bairrada
Caves do Pontão 1985 Bairrada
CRF Carvalho, Ribeiro & Ferreira 1984 Dão
Caves Aliança Garrafeira 1984 Bairrada
Caves Aliança Garrafeira 1980 Bairrada
Caves Solar Francesas Garrafeira 1980 Bairrada
The 70s
Grão Vasco 1979 Dão
Grão Vasco Garrafeira 1978 Dão
Dão Pipas 1977 Dão
Grão Vasco 1975 Dão
Barrocão Garrafeira 1974 Bairrada/Dão
Porta dos Cavaleiros 1973 Dão
Caves Soão João 1970 Bairrada
Frei João 1970 Bairrada
Barros 1970 (some undated bottles) Dão
The 60s
Real Vinícola 1968 Colares
Barros 1966 Dão
Barrocão Garrafeira 1964 Bairrada/Dão
Cantanhede 1962 Bairrada
Caves S. João Private Reserve 1961 Bairrada/Dão
Qta dÁguieira 1961 Bairrada
Qta de S. Miguel, no date (probably from the 60s) Bairrada
Barrocão Garrafeira Particular 1960 Bairrada/Dão
Unknow date
Terras Altas (probably from the 60s) Dão
The brand belonged to Real Vinícola and was a reference in the 60s.
The 50s
Caves São João Reserva Particular 1959
The oldest wine in the cellars. Impressive.