— Frequently Asked Questions —

Can one dine at the Chafariz do Vinho?
Our snacks correspond to or replace dinner

Does the Chafariz do Vinho take reservations?
Yes (and you must book ahead for Fridays and Saturdays.)

If I wanted to organize a dinner party at the Chafariz do Vinho, how many people could  I invite?
As a rule, up to twenty people can be seated together. More than that would have to be seated at different levels.

Are there wine-tasting courses at the Chafariz do Vinho?
Not yet, but there will be. We will put up a notice on this site.

Can one buy wine at the Chafariz do Vinho?
Only sporadically, to be decided in individual cases (depending on stocks etc.)

Can one book for a special occasion at the Chafariz do Vinho?
We take bookings for Monday nights, which is when the Chafariz is closed to the public and can therefore be opened for the occasion. For other night of the week, subject to individual assessment.

Is it only wine that is served at the Chafariz do Vinho? What other alcoholic drinks can one order?
Along with fortified wines, brandies and whiskies, we serve freshly squeezed orange juice, and two house drinks (port tonic and kir.)

Can one order beer at the Chafariz do Vinho?
Only Belgian beer. The Chafariz do Vinho aims specifically to promote wines.

What non-alcoholic beverages do you serve?
Freshly squeezed orange juice… and of course water.

What’s the best time for dining at the Chafariz do Vinho?
At 6pm (opening time) various snacks are available. A safe bet for dinner would be
from around 7.30-8 pm.

What’s the best time for having a drink at the Chafariz do Vinho?
Any time, but things get a bit more difficult around dinner time.

Are only Portuguese wines sold at the Chafariz?
No, there is also a variety of international wines.

Do you also sell wine by the glass?
Yes. Every fortnight, there is a choice of four white wines and five reds, one bubbly
and various port-wines and Madeiras that can be ordered by the glass.

Is the Chafariz do Vinho a smoking venue?
Non smoking inside.

Is there a non-smoking area?
Not yet.