— The Chafariz do Vinho —

IMG_0778_316The Chafariz do Vinho aims to acquaint you with different wines, both Portuguese and foreign.

We are located in an old, long-unused well-head, an extention of Lisbon’s aqueduct (Aqueduto das Aguas Livres). Once the exterior of the building was restored, the possible uses of its interior began to be considered.

This well-head is connected by tunnels both to the well-head of Príncipe Real and to the network of underground tunnels that runs through the city.

The Lisbon Municipality and EPAL (the Lisbon water-board) had the idea of creating a wine-bar on this site. They got in touch with a group of wine-tasters who accepted the challenge.

IMG_0738_316The Chafariz do Vinho offers quality wines by the glass: white, red, sparkling, port and muscatel. Our foreign wines include those from Australia, California, Chile, Spain, Italy, France, Bordeaux, Alsace, Burgundy and Germany (Moselle). The list for wine by the glass is changed  every fortnight and includes a special red (superior to the rest).

As accompaniments, we have many suggestions: cheeses, smoked meats and other snacks that vary seasonally, such as smoked codfish, fresh pasta roll with white cheese and spinach, and a variety of braised mushrooms.