— The Chafariz do Vinho —

IMG_0778_316The Chafariz do Vinho aims to acquaint you with different Portuguese wines.

We are located in an old, long-unused well-head, an extention of Lisbon’s aqueduct (Aqueduto das Aguas Livres). Once the exterior of the building was restored, the possible uses of its interior began to be considered.

This well-head is connected by tunnels both to the well-head of Príncipe Real and to the network of underground tunnels that runs through the city.

The Lisbon Municipality and EPAL (the Lisbon water-board) had the idea of creating a wine-bar on this site. They got in touch with a group of wine-tasters who accepted the challenge.

As accompaniments, we have many possible suggestions: cheeses, sausages and other snacks that vary seasonally.